Coleman’s Corporate Philosophy

Honor the truth. No matter what I like or dislike, and no matter how much I want something, the truth of the matter always comes to the forefront. The sooner I recognize it, identify it and act on it, the better off everyone will be. If we make a mistake on a job, admit it and move on. If I err at home, admit it, learn something from it, and move on.

Thoughts are things. Whatever I focus on, think about, or put energy into expands, grows, manifests. Therefore, what I choose to think about is critical. I am either blueprinting my future consciously or unconsciously. I choose to consciously blueprint.

You receive what you give. If I want more of anything. I have to pour myself into others. If I want more compensation, I must provide more service. If I want better employees, I must be a better employer. If I want a friend, I must be a friend.